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REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTION POLITUBES COVERED BY EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL PATENT NO. EP2763283B1 To overcome this problem Politubes, in conjunction with DuPont, has developed a special spiral-wound tube made of heat-shrinkable polyester (Mylar HS), which enables automated fixing of permanent magnets, thereby reducing the cost of assembling these motors. Federico Penzo - Owner - Proprietario - Politubes LinkedInPolitubes is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of spiral wound multilayers insulating tubes and endcaps strictly customized in accordance with its customers technical


Politubes is specialized in the manufacturing of insulating tubes and end caps strictly customized for electromechanical and automotive world & performance release liners for tire producers. Our insulating tubes and caps are widely used in the manufacture of electric motors, cable harness, motor lead termination, compressors and transformers as MYLAR HS NOISE REDUCTION TUBES, SPIRAL WOUND Politubes offers a unique spiral wound continuous polyester heat shrink sleeve. This sleeve is supplied in rolls of several hundred meters. Spiral Welded Tube, Pipe & Fittings Roladuct Spiral Spiral Welded Tube & Pipe Systems. Stainless and mild steel spiral welded tube, pipe & fittings.

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Electrolock can provide large continuous length tubing in rolls that are either Layflat or spiral wound constructions. These can be easily incorporated into your automated production equipment to save you time and money. What is the Budget for This Tube Spiral wound gaskets Italy EuropagesPolitubes is specialized in the manufacturing of insulating tubes and end caps strictly customized for electromechanical Welcome to Acme Spirally Wound Paper Products, Inc Acme Spirally Wound Paper Products, Inc. 4810 West 139th Street P.O. Box 35320 Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Local Phone:216-267-2950 Toll-Free Phone:800-274-2797

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Supplier of:underground tube forwarding tube spiral conveyance protectiv planting tubes plastic tube pipe bend collar Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic sleeve tube cable protection composite pipe cable duct pipe ventilation pipe ventilation aeration pipe siganal white 315 [+] s-bow merge bend floor elbow splitter industrial tube 90° radius forwarding bend 300 550 650 800 1000 1250 Home - PolitubesPolitubes is an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the production of:High performance insulation spiral wound tubing, sleeves and end caps used in the electromechanical, automotive and BLDC brushless motors manufacturers. High-Tech films used as liners in tire production, for power cables insulation, and as thermal-stabilized thermal support for printing flexible circuits.