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ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced) has a concentric steel core stranding conductor consisting of Aluminum Alloy 1350-H19 wires, available with Class A, B, or C galvanizing, aluminum coated (AZ), or with aluminum-clad steel core (AL). ACSR/AW - MySouthwireACSR/AW Aluminum Conductor. Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced. Bare. APPLICATIONS Used as bare overhead transmission and as primary and secondary distribution cable. ACSR/AW offers strength characteristics similar to ACSR, along with slightly greater ampacity and resistance to corrosion due to aluminum-cladding of the steel core wires. SPECIFICATIONS

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ACSR/AW. Definition:Aluminum Conductor, Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced. Related Links. ACSR/AS (Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Clad Steel Reinforced) Midal Cables. Related Videos ACSR/AW-Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Clad-Steel ACSR/AW(Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Clad-Steel Reinforced) has also a long service record because of its economy ,dependability, and strength to weight ratio. The combined light weight and high conductivity of aluminum with strength of the steel cores enable higher tensions ,lesssag,and longer spans than any alternative as like as ACSR.Compared with ACSR ,the cores are aluminum-clad-steel. All Aluminum Conductor AAC - sourcingelectricalsMar 03, 2011 · B-500 Zinc Coated and Aluminum Coated Stranded Steel Core for Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced (ACSR) Notes Resistance is calculated using ASTM standard increments of stranding and metal conductivity of 61.2% IACS for EC (1350) and 8% IACS for steel.

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The use of Alumoweld® aluminum-clad steel core wire in ACSR conductors is commonly specified for highly corrosive environments such as coastal regions or areas prone to industrial pollution. The high strength, good conductivity, superior corrosion resistance, and compatibility with solid aluminum wire make Alumoweld highly desirable as the reinforcing material for ACSR and ACSS conductors. China ACSR Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced - China ACSR is a composite concentric-lay-stranded conductor. The steel strand or strands form the central core of the conductor, around which is stranded one or more layers of aluminum 1350-H19 wires. The steel core may consist of a single strand or a concentric-stranded cable of 7, 19, 37 or more China ASTM Standard ACSR/Aw Aluminum Clad Steel B-502 Aluminum-Clad Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced. B-549 Aluminum Conductors, Concentric-Lay-Stranded, Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AW) CON S TR U CTION Aluminum 1350-H 19 wir e s, concentric a lly s tra n d e d a r o u n d an Aluminum-Clad S teel c o r e.

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ACSR Steel Reinforced is available in a wide range of steel varying from as low as 6% to as high as 40 %.The higher strength ACSR conductors are used for river crossings, overhead ground wires, installations involving extra long spans etc. against any given resistance of conductor, ACSR acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced astm bs iec price acsr conductor steel reinforced, acsr conductor steel ACSR/AW Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced DESCRIPTION Aluminum 1350-H19 wires , concentrically stranded around aluminum-clad steel core wires(AW) STANDARDS Construction as per ASTM , IEC , BS , DIN , CSA , NFC ,and so on APPLICATIONS ACST/AW cables are used for overhead transmission and distribution lines .ASTM Standard ACSR/Aw Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced /AW code(ACSR/AW) is recommended for use as a transmission cable between the power station and substations, and as primary and secondary distribution cable. It is composed out of 1350-H19 aluminum wires surrounding an aluminum clad steel core. ACSR/AW has as high breaking load as ACSR but better conductivity.