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Foremost Alloy Steel Company specializes in the supply of:- 15B21 Boron Steel. The said 15B21 Boron Steel materials are always supplied with the test certificates and can be supplied in bulk quantity as well as retail quantity as per customers requirements. 15B21 Boron Steel can be supplied in size ranging from 0. 2mm thk to 200mm thk. 15B21 SAE ::Total Materia15B21, SAE, SAE J 403, Chemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels

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MICRO-ALLOYED STEELS Precipitation Hardened Ferritic-Pearlitic Steel 8 Chemical Composition Steel Name Material No. % C % Mn % Si % S % V % Cr % Mo Other 19MnVS6 1.1301 0.15/0.22 1.20/1.60 0.15/0.80 0.020/0.060 0.08/0.20 <0.30 <0.08 N=100-200 ppm AISI/SAE Steels - Steel Data1015 Steel 1019 Steel 1020, 1023 Steels 1020, 1023 Steels 1020, 1040 Steels 1030, 1070 Steels 1034 Steel 1034 Steel 1035 Steel 1038 H Steel 1038 H Steel 1038 H Steel 1038 H, 1045 H, 1522 H, 1524 H Steels 1038 H, 1045 H, 1522 H, 1524 H, 1526 H, 1541 H, 15B21 H Steels 1040 Steel 1040 Steel 1040, 4140, 4340, 5140, 8640 Steels 1045 H Steel 1045 H ASTM A304 15B37 H Round bar,15B37 H Bearing steel,15B37 Our factory had large type of cold bending hollow section steel GH200, GH300, GH450, and GH550 size. The main size is from SHS50*50 to SHS550*550mm, Thick is 2.5mm to 30mm The products are Square Pipe/tube, Rectangular Pipe/tube, low alloy Square Pipe/tube, Seamless Square Pipe/tube, Hot rolled Galvanized Square Pipe/tube and so on.

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Alloy Steel Material Comparision GB1591 GB/T1591 ASTM DIN JIS NF BS 09MnV 09MnNb 09Mn2 12Mn Q295 13Mn6 12MF4 18Nb 09MnCuPTi 10MnSiCu Q345 12MnV 14MnNb 16Mn SA299Gr.1Gr.2A SA455Ty.1Ty.2 SA414Gr.G 17Mn4 19Mn5 19Mn6 SPV32 A52C1 A52C2 A52CR1 A52CR2 1633GR.L 16MnRE 10MnPNbRE Q345 15MnV A255Gr.A A255Gr.B 15MnV 15MnTi 16MnNb Q390 Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars and Rodssteel product are in the proper proportion to produce the desired properties. The open-hearth, the basic oxygen, and the electric-arc pro cesses account for nearly all the steel tonnage produced in this coun try today. The open-hearth furnace was the nation's major source of steel until 1969, when this role was assumed by the relatively new Fastener Identi cation Markings:ASTM, SAE, ISOAlloy Steel, Quenched and Tempered 85,000 92,000 120,000 10.9 or 109 ISO R898 Class 10.9 120,000 130,000 150,000 NOTES:1. ASTM Speci cations:A193 Alloy-Steel Bolding Materials for High-Temperature Service A307 Low-Carbon Steel Externally and Internally Threaded Standard Fasteners A320 Alloy-Steel Bolding Materials for Low

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(b) The upper limit of ranges should be used for large sections and the lower limit for smaller sections. Time held at temperature varies from 1 h for light sections to 4 h for heavy sections and large furnace charges of high alloy steel. (c) For 0.25 Si type 183 to 207 HB; for 1.00 Si type, 207 to 229 HB. SAE 10B21 SAE J 403 - BBN STEEL STORES10B21 steel sheet, 10B21 steel density, 10B21 grade, 10B21 specification, 10B21 chemistry, 10B21 equivalent, 10B21 steel equivalent, 10B21 yield strength, 10B21 steel plate thickness chart, SAE 10B21 SAE J 403 physical properties,Mechanical Properties of SAE 10B21 SAE J 403 Steel. Application:Chemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels. Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars This specification covers carbon and alloy steel bars subject to end-quench hardenability requirements. The methods for estimating the hardness value of the material are presented. Method A is the minimum and maximum hardness values at any desired distance, Method B is the minimum and maximum distances at which any desired hardness value occurs

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Nov 03, 2009 · If the second digit is a 5 the grade is a high manganese carbon steel. Grades 1524, and 1541 come to mind as the principal 15XX grades seen by our industry. A B infix tells us that the steel has been treated with boron. This makes it especially adept at being heat treated. 15B21 is used to make fasteners that are heat treated. World Material - Free Online Material Information ResourceEN 1.4301 Stainless Steel (X5CrNi18-10) DIN EN 1.4301 stainless steel (X5CrNi18-10) is a conventional austenitic stainless steel with good resistance to atmospheric, organic and inorganic chemicals.ASTM 15B21H Steel, Datasheet, Properties, Cross-Reference 21 rows · Heat Treatment of steel grade ASTM 15B21H. Heat treated :1288°C - 1256°C.