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1.1.1 ANSI Roller Chains (RS) - chain-guide

ANSI Roller Chains have the same shape and construction as the chain shown in Basics Section 1.1.1. There are 14 sizes of roller chains regulated by ANSI. For easy reference, these are numbered 25, 35, 41, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, and 240. Some manufacturers include chain numbers 320 and 400 to the list of standardized chains. ANSI 40 Roller Chain McMaster-CarrWith oil-embedded bushings and oil-coated pins, this chain is self-lubricating, which means it requires less maintenance than standard ANSI roller chain.. Connecting links are also known as master links. They're used to join the ends of a chain length. The side plate is easy to remove for attaching to a chain. Adding-and-connecting links are also known as half links and offset links.

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Nitro ANSI roller chain is stocked in all ANSI 14 chain sizes and comes in standard, heavy duty & super premium. Chains are available in single strand up to quadruple strand widths. Full selection of high-quality industrial grade chain suitable for many industries ranging from Agricultural to Material Handling. ASME / ANSI Standard Roller Chain The Diamond Chain Diamond Chain Standard Series chains are anything but standard. Built to ASME / ANSI B29.1 standards for dimensions, interoperability, and sprocket fit, the ASME / ANSI Standard Roller Chain series also meets Diamond Chains rigorous internal requirements. From industry to agriculture, our Standard Series chains are designed to fit a wide variety of standard applications, and to last longer than any other manufacturers chain. American Standard ANSI Replacement Chain & Connecting The final digit denotes the type of chain:a zero meaning "standard, 1 meaning lightweight, a 5 a rollerless bush chain and so on. The preceding digit (s) indicate the size in eighths of an inch, so a 4 denotes ? pitch and 16 indicates 2. Common ANSI sizes are 40, 50, 60, and 80.

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Roller Chain, Steel Chain, Transmission Chain manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 40, 50, 60, 80 ANSI Standard Steel Roller Chain Cheap Priced, Hot Sale Cheap Auto Timing Belt 88za19 107yu22 Synchronous Belt Automatic, High Quality 88za19 Auto Timing Belt Synchronous Mitsubishi Car Toyota CR Rubber and so on. Hi-Light USA ANSI Roller ChainHLU ANSI Roller Chain. Hi-Light USA is a leading supplier of ANSI roller chain, specialty chains and parts.Our emphasis on consistent quality and stringent production control standards insure proper performance in a broad range of applications. We stock large quantities of the following chains in our Memphis, TN facility: ProCoat® Double Pitch Roller Chain - PEER Chain- Provides excellent corrosion resistance and commonly used in applications with high humidity, outdoor environments, saltwater applications. - Stronger, more impact-resistant than Stainless Steel. - ProCoat offers the durability and load-bearing features of Carbon Steel. - All PEER roller chain

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Apart from all Standard Roller Chain Sizes, We also provide Large Roller Chain and Heavy Duty Roller Chain all sizes and types.Our Standard Roller Chain come in the sizes from 3/8 inch Pitch to 3 pitch. Being the Leading Roller Chain Manufacturers, We have economies of Roller Chain China - Industrial Conveyor Roller Chain ANSI Standard Short Pitch High Performance Roller Chain 3. (all parts made of special alloy steel, with solid seamless bushes and wide waist linkplates) 4. ANSI Standard Short Pitch Straight Linkplate Roller Chains:C40-C240 5. ANSI Standard Short Pitch Heavy Duty Roller Chains:60H-240H 6. T Series Super Roller Chains:T40-T140 7. The Source for All Your Roller Chain NeedsHighest Quality Standards Shuster® Brand Roller Chain is used in a variety of industries around the world including: Construction Equipment Mining Equipment Packaging Food Processing Oilfield Shuster® Roller Chain is an exceptional value for applications across a variety of industries, providing a combination of excellent performance and a competitively priced chain.

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This item Tsubaki 80HCB ANSI Heavy Series Roller Chain, Single Strand, Cottered, Carbon Steel, Inch, #80 ANSI No., 1" Pitch, 5/8 inches Roller Diameter, 5/8 inches Roller American Standard (ANSI) Roller ChainAmerican Standard (ANSI) Roller Chain (All dimensions in inches) Single Roller Chain Double Roller Chain ANSI Chain No. Average Strength(lbs) ANSI Stan-dard 455 1,045 2,455 2,864 3,977 545 9,432 15,773 24,818 35,522 48,181 63,386 77,681 98,090 141,476 Weight lbs/ft 0.054 0.101 0.221 0.275 0.416 0.684 1.006 1.743 2.622 3.769 5.029 6.773 9.019 10