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Double-deep racks (4 pallets back-to-back instead of 2) could be applied to increase the storage capacity. Very Narrow Aisle racking system leaves narrow aisle for special forklifts, increasing the storage density. Huade pallet racks are made from brand high-strength steel which means the structure is robust, reliable and safe. China High Quality Narrow Aisle Rack System Suppliers Narrow aisle pallet racks belongs to beams racks, mainly used with the most advantage three ways forklift, occupying small channel, saving the space of the warehouse, and can store and pick up products quickly, and cutting down the operating cost. which particularly suitable for logistic center less than 15m high. Comparing with the conventional pallet rack ,its aisle is much smaller, ordinarily 1600-2000mm,

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The narrow aisle rack is a kind of warehouse storage rack. Because the forklift handling channel of the rack system is relatively narrow, it is called a narrow aisle rack or a narrow channel rack. China Vna, Vna Manufacturers, Suppliers, Price Made-in Pallet Rack Vna Forklift Pallet Shelf Forklift Truck Electric Pallet Stacker Electric Forklift. More. View: Very Narrow Aisle Warehouse Rack Vna Pallet Racking Steel Shelf . FOB Price:US $ 1.02-1.5 / kg Min. Order: Warehouse Heavy Duty Vna Very Narrow Aisle Rack Racking System . FOB Price:US $ 300-2000 / Ton Min. Order: Narrow Aisle Racking Pallet RackingNarrow Aisle Pallet Racking combines a wealth of features to enable the best possible use of space, and fast order-picking. Compact and efficient, it's a construction set-up used in a wide variety of industries where warehousing space is limited.

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Jiangsu Union Logistics System Engineering Co. (2) JUNGHEINRICH (1) Very Narrow aisle pallet rack (VNA) A shelf rack system Contact. pallet rack. Detailed introduction Product Features and Applications:Narrow roadway shelves with three-way stacking forklift use, channel occupies a small, fast access to goods, RACKING LOGISTICSVery narrow aisle (VNA) racking system, a kind of selective pallet racking system , is designed to meet the new generation of warehouse Drive-in Racking System The drivein racking system provides maximum storage capacity using minimal amount of space. Very Narrow Aisle - Advance Storage ProductsVery Narrow Aisle Very Narrow Aisle pallet rack systems typically have 72 wide aisles and are accessed by wire guided turret trucks. Many of the Very Narrow Aisle warehouse racking systems have automated position locators that allow for very rapid access to loads.

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Efficient space utilisation with high rack VNA trucks With our high rack stackers, you can stack pallets or pick individual articles with consummate ease. They impress with their throughput performance and space utilisation both significant advantages in the face of growing costs and product variety in the world of logistics.China Customized VNA Pallet Racking System Manufacturers VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Pallet Racking System is an important part of the rapid development of modern logistics systems. It has many advantages, such as saving land, reducing labor intensity, eliminating errors, improving the level of storage automation and management, reducing the loss of storage and transportation, effectively reducing the backlog of logistics funds, improving the efficiency