corrosion resistance of plasma nitrided and

(PDF) Corrosion resistance of plasma nitrided AISI M2 high

Evaluations of polarization curves indicated that plasma nitriding in a gas flow rate of 25 sccm N2-75 sccm H2 improves corrosion resistance of AISI M2 high speed steel, while increasing nitrogen Enhancement of corrosion resistance for plasma nitrided This article deals with tribological and corrosion resistance comparison of plasma nitrided and nitrocarburized 42CrMo4 steel used for breech mechanism in the armament production.

Improvement of corrosion resistance of nitrided low alloy

Apr 15, 2010 · Plasma nitriding, assisted by glow discharge plasma, is a surface engineering process that effectively improves the surface hardness, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance of various steels such as low alloy steels,,,,. Mössbauer spectroscopy study on the corrosion resistance The ASTM F nitrided sample (t N = 4 h) which presented the best result for corrosion, also presented the maximum value for this ratio.The Mössbauer spectroscopy was decisive in this study, since it could identify and quantify the iron phases that seem to affect the corrosion resistance of plasma nitrided ASTM F samples.Fig. 1shows the (PDF) Corrosion Resistance of Plasma Nitrided Structural Corrosion study revealed that plasma-nitriding significantly improved the corrosion resistance in terms of corrosion potential, corrosion and pitting current density, and corrosion rate.