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OD12.5mm thermal lancing pipe Shinto lance for cutting steel pipes. OD1-1/4'' L4000mm Calorised Oxygen Lance Pipe Daiwa Lance. $1.00 - $20.00 / Unit. 1000 Units (Min. Order) OD48mm Calorized Oxygen Lance Shinto pipe for melting and refining steel at Electric Arc Furnace. Lance Pipe and Thermic Pipe (Burning Bars) - Canpipe LimitedA thermic lance is a pipe or tube filled with wire rods. The lance is connected to a source of oxygen and ignited. As the thermic lance is consumed, heat is generated enabling the bars to melt a variety of materials. It is specifically designed for cutting and piercing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, with precision and speed.

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Lance Pipe and Thermic Pipe (Burning Bars) Lance Pipe and Thermic Pipe (Burning Bars) Read more. Search for:Product categories. Environmental Monitoring Supplies (24) Waterra (5) Water Well Drilling Supplies (28) Boshart (8) Heron Instruments Inc. (2) Johnson Screens (2) K&E (1) Pump Systems (25) DAB (1) Flexcon (5) Lancing Equipment - Thermal Lances Manufacturer from Temperature. 4000 o C. Thermal Lances is used as one of the methods of boring and severing steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium, concrete and hard to clean materials without noise or vibration in a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods. The equipment is extremely simple and easy to operate, and the capital cost in comparison to drills etc. is negligible. Oxygen Lancing - Lance ManufacturersManufactures of Oxygen Lance Pipes, Wire Pack Thermal Lance Pipes, Threaded Pipes & Pipe Sections. Oxygen Lancing. Tel:011 913 5 Cell:0824461472 or 0834548966 Faxmail:086 555 5560 [email protected] Manufactures of Oxygen Lance Pipes,

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  • Principles of OperationConcreteSteelSpecification-Oxygen LancingSafetySummaryAn oxyfuel gas torch is used to bring the cutting end of the lance to white heat, and then the oxygen valve is slowly opened to start O2 flow, and initiate the burning operation of the packed lance. The higher the oxygen pressure the higher the burning intensity. The oxygen valve is opened further, and shall be fully open in about 1 to 2 cm cutting depth. A close oxygen flow control will help reduce heavy sparking at start of cut. The deeper the cut the more sparks are eliminated. A baffle plate Oxylance Exothermic Cutting Systems Burning BarsStandard Burning Bars. There are a number of generic terms used to describe exothermic cutting torches commonly called Burning Bars, they are also referred to as Lance Bars, Lance Rods, Mag Bars, Mag Rods, Burning Lances, Exothermic Torches, Thermic Torches and Thermic Lances. Oxylance Lance PipeOur bare Lance Pipe inventory comes in many diameters, wall thickness, lengths and end finshes. End finishes for bare Lance Pipe are plain end, threaded and quick connect. We carry a wide variety of raw goods that can be processed to your specific requirements. All of our Lance Pipe is cleaned for oxygen service in our cleaning operation to Thermic Lances - Prime SuppliesTHERMIC LANCE, 16MM X 3MT, CIGWELD quantity. Add to cart. Lances THERMIC LANCE, 10MM X 1000MM (25)

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    Browse our range of Thermic Lance products and accessories. Our company holds large stocks of Lances to meet any emergency.Lancing Pipe - Thermal Cutting Lance Manufacturer from This pipe is the Lancing Pipe and the process of injecting gases into molten metal is known as Lancing. Traditionally an ordinary Pipe has been used. The material of construction is Low Carbon Steel (Mild Steel), Electrically Resistance Welded (ERW) in the shape of a pipe.