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60Si2Mn, SUP6, SPS3, 61SiCr7, 60Si7, 1.0909, 60S7, 60C2(id

Jan 10, 2008 · 60Si2Mn, SUP6, SPS3, 61SiCr7, 60Si7, 1.0909, 60S7, 60C2(id:4247066). View product details of 60Si2Mn, SUP6, SPS3, 61SiCr7, 60Si7, 1.0909, 60S7, 60C2 from Qilu Special Alloy Steel SAE52100,SAE4340,SAE8620,5115,Steel Jan 10, 2008 · Qilu Special Steel Co. is a professional supplier of forged round steel bar. We can supply steel grades as follows:1.Dia:80mm-1200mm 2.Length:2000mm-13000mm(generally 2-5.8meters in order to load in container)

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hp mod. low c hp+nb low carbon hp-45 hp160 hp45 hpm 233 hpm 270 hpm 455 hpm 718 hpm c16200 hpm c4 hpm constantan hpm ni 52 hpm nickel 201 hpm rene 41 hps hpb58-2 hpb58-3 hpb59-1 hpb59-2 hpb59-3 hpb60-1 hpb60-2 hpb60-3 hpb61-1 hpb62-0,8 hpb62-2 hpb62-3 hpb63-0,1 hpb63-3 hpb66-0,5 hpb89-2 hq 286 hq 400 hq913 hr 33 hr 619 hr special brass hr-120 CEDAM software - metal alloys database"Die Bronze" #1B #1JR type1 #1JR type2 #1JR type4 #2B #30 #35 #3B #5-317 #5-F STAINLESS #5B #6B #9B #A-45T '12' carbon '17' carbon '22' carbon '30' carbon '40' carbon '55' carbon 3/4 % Ni '55' carbon steel '70' carbon '80' carbon 0 0,05C-18Cr-9Ni 0,5FO 0,5FO8 0,5Mo 0,5Ni285 0,5Ni355 0,7Cr-0,7Ni-0,5Cu 0-73687 0.2% carbon steel 0.3Mo-0.8Ni 0.5Cr Correspondances des principales normes d`aciers - Anciens Translate this pageCorrespondances des principales normes d`aciers DIRECT_1053-1088_FINAL.qxd:EDT_795_848_PNEUMATIQUE.qxd 6/06/08 12:13 Page 1062 Correspondance des principales INFORMATIONS TECHNIQUES normes daciers CORRESPONDANCE DES PRINCIPALES NORMES DACIERS (à titre indicatif).

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Steel Plain carbon steel Low-carbon steel (<0.2% C) Medium-carbon steel (0.25% C) High-carbon steel (>0.5% C) Low- and mediumalloy steel 10% alloying elements High-alloy steel >10% alloying elements Corrosion resistant. Alloys without eutectic (<2% C on FeC diagram) Ferritic. Ferriticpearlitic. Pearlitic. Martensitic. Bainitic. Austenitic Equivalent Material.pdf [klzzedo5z7lg]carbon steel equivalent grades internal standard bs din is en sae/aisi jis en15b 150m36 36mn5 37mn2, 37c15 en15b 1536-en32b-ck15 c14 en32b 1015,1016,1018-sae1038-ck38--1038-en43c--c50 en43c 1050-ck45-ck45 45c8 1045--en9 070m55 ck55 c55 en9 1055-c35-c35 35c8, c35mn75-1035-en42-ck75 80c6 en42 1074-en42b-c67 65c6 en42b 1065-en43 080m50 c55 60c6 GCr15,SUJ2,STB2,E52100,G52986,1.3505,100C6,SKF3,535A99(id Jan 10, 2008 · We are Qilu Special Steel Co. from China. Our forging technology is the most advanced at home so far. We have 4500MT fast forging machine.

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Translate this pageSTRUCTURAL STEEL PLATE. Specification Chemical Max Mechanical Mpa, min C Mn Si S P %EL Min Macro Alloy Tensile Min Yield Min Bend Impact Max Max Max Max Max 50 GL 200 GL. 0.15 ASTM A 36 0.26 1.2 0.05 0.04 --- 400-550 250 21 18 2T ---0.40 Soudabilité c35 découvrez sans attendre la gamme Translate this pageAciers pour trempe superficielle NF 100C6-100CD7 UNI 100Cr6 100CrMn4 100CrMo7 DIN 100Cr6 (100CrMn6) W5 W.Nr 3505 (3520) (3536) EURONORM 100Cr6 (100CrMn6) (100CrMnMo7) AISI-SAE 52100--Aciers pour roulement NF XC25 XC32 (XC38) (XC42) (XC48) (XC48) XC55 XC65 42C4-25CD4 30CD4 35CD4 42CD4 40NCD2 40NCD3---35NCD16 UNI C25 C30 C35 C40 C45 C50 C55 C60 Steel - Heat - Treatment - ID:5c15557bd797eSteel - Heat - Treatment - ID:5c15557bd797e. ß 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ß 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ß 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ß 2

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These lower carbon steels are used in automobile body panels, tin plates, appliances, and wire products. The low-carbon steels (0.100.25% C) have increased strength and hardness and reduced formability compared to the lowest carbon group. They are designated as carburizing or casehardening steels Equivalent Material - ScribdCARBON STEEL USA Japan Germany U. K. France Italy Spain Sweden China AISI/SAE JIS W.-nr. DIN BS EN AFNOR UNI UNE SS GB STKM 12A A570.36 1.0038 RSt.37-2 1006 1006 AL 1008 1008 AL 1008 B 1009 100C1000 100C1300 100Cr6 100CrMn6 100CrMnMo7 100CrMnMoSi8-4