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Steel rail can be divided into light rail, heavy rail, crane rail. We can provide various steel rails. Email:[email protected] Email :[email protected] Call :+86-199 3712 ISCOR Rail Rail Fasteners Welded Type Rail Clips Perforation Type Rail Clips Rail Clips Rail Fishplate Rail Spike High Quality Rail Fasteners, Rail Joints, Railway Switches AGICO integrates customization, design, production and transportation of rail fastener. It can produce more than 30 kinds of rail fasteners, including rail fastening system, rail joint, rail clips, rail bolt, tie plate, etc. and more than 1000 specifications of rail fasteners and products.

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Various longitudinal rail restraints between a high of 4,000 to 5,000 pounds to a low of 0 pounds restraint. Various vertical and lateral stiffness spring rates to meet light and heavy vehicle wheel load and noise/vibration requirements. Rigid or resilient rail clips to attach the rail to the fastener body Rail Clips and Rail Fastening Systems in the UKRail Clips and Rail Fastening Systems in the UK. Rail fasteners are the key components that consist of rail track frame for providing horizontal, longitudinal and vertical restraints and adjustment room for rails and meeting the insulation requirements of electric tracks. Rail Components Page:Fasteners and Rail ClipsSwitch Clips Rails Co. Flexiclip Rail Fasteners Rails Co. Compression Rail Anchors Rails Co. Grade Crossing Rail Anchors Ballast Tools Equipment BTE Clip Boss Industrial Nut Corp.

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A rail fastening system, also known as rail fastening, rail fastener, railway fastening system, it is used to fix rails to railway sleeper or railroad ties, which is usually consisted of rail clips, rail anchors, railroad tie plates, chairs, fasteners, dog spikes, screw spikes, track bolts, etc.The selection of a fastening system must be made with utmost care for rail road safety cant be Rail Spike - Rail Clips, Tie Plates, Fishplates, Best Rail Both spike functions by the equipped offset head, so as to work as a nail that secure and fasten rails on the rail sleeper. Dog spike was first to be invented in 1832, its named for the two lugs on either side which looks like a dog head, it has similar dimensions to screw spike, with a flange with a radius dog spike can fix rail track straight Rail Track System & Infrastructure Products PandrolPandrol are leading global manufacturer and supplier of rail fastenings, track equipment and infrasture products with over 100 years industry experience.

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Pandrol 'e' Clip. The Aveng Infraset's Pandrol Rail Fastening System has an elastic fastening which continues to grip the rail under vibration and has been proven on all types of sleeper and ballastless tracks. Read more SA steel rail/ISCOR Standard|Steel Rail-Railway fastener Rail clips . Special E type rail clip; Dia.16mm Clip; Dia.20mm Clip; GL Clip; Clip 415; E 2039 Clip; Dia.18mm E Clip; SKL3 Tension Clamp; SKL1 Tension Clamp; W14 Clip, SKL14 Tension Clamp; W12 SKL12 Tension Clamp; W3 Clip; Rail clamps . Elastic clamp; Elastic plate; Boat rail clamps; Adjustable rail clamp; RN Clip; Spring Blade; Spring Blade rail clip - offers from rail clip manufacturers, suppliers rail clip Manufacturers Directory 3 million global importers and exporters rail clip suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, rail clip sellers, traders, exporters and distributors from China and around the world at EC21

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We also produce rail clips in accordance with AREA, ranging from 52 lbs rail, 62 lbs rail, 114 lbs rail, 106 lbs rails, 120 lbs rails, 128 lbs rails, 171 lbs rails and 75 lbs rails. The K Type Q235 Railway Clamp we produced, i.e., S18, S20, S30, S33, KP03, KP06 and KP03.