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Light Duty Cantilever Rack:Single Sided 3,000 - 8,100 Double Sided 6,000 - 16,200 6' - 12' High 12" - 48" Long Medium Duty Cantilever Rack:Single Sided 8,300 - 18,100 Double Sided 16,600 - 36,200 8' - 20' High 12" - 48" Long Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack:Single Sided 7,600 - 23,000 Double Sided Cantilever Racks - Buy Factory Direct Cantilever and Save!In such super-heavy duty designs, the columns are manufactured from high strength steel, then tapered to compensate for column deflection, and pre-punched on both sides for conversion from single to double-sided rack units. Further, cantilever arms also are tapered to compensate for deflection, and the steel base is welded to the column to provide a stable foundation.

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Cantilever Rack Starter units come in Single and Double Sided configurations and have various capacities for storing your lumber, pipes and other long parts with ease. They are made from heavy duty structural steel and have a scratch resistant orange enamel finish. Cantilever racking PLUS, single sided, starter unit Durable cantilever racking for efficient storage of lightweight long goods, such as plastic pipes, wooden frames and lightweight steel goods. The cantilever rack offers easily-accessible and well-organised storage as well as safer and quicker goods handling. The system is designed for flexibility and can be adapted to every warehouse space. Heavy Duty & High Capacity Cantilever Racks Cantilever Single and Double Sided Uprights For Cantilever Racks Are Heavy Duty Cantilever Storage Racks For Securely Holding Pipes, Lumbers and Bar Stock. Single and Double Sided Uprights For Cantilev more. See all 232 items in product family.

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We supply either single-sided or double-sided cantilever racks that can be used for internal warehouses or external yard storage areas. The full range is manufactured in accordance with the SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Code of Practice for The Design of Static Cantilever Racking and/or FEM 10-2-09 and/or BS5950 Part 5 and Single Sided Cantilever Racking Midlands Cantilever RackingSingle Sided Cantilever Racking. Cantilever racking is ideal for storing bulky, non palletised items, usually large and requiring fork lift truck or lifting equipment access. Ideal for storing everything from wooden beams and plastic piping to sheet materials and even vehicles. Cantilever Racking is available in a variety of sizes, formats and configurations and is easily tailored to your specific needs. Single Sided Cantilever Racks Storage Racking SystemDouble sided racks are installed in the middle of the floor and accessed from both sides. Single sided cantilever racks have arms on one side and are balanced by a large stackable base . Single sided cantilever has three primary components:Single sided tower with stackable base, arms and brace set. Every cantilever rack project should blend a

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    The single-sided Cantilever rack provides storage on one side and is usually placed against the wall in a warehouse, whereas double-sided rack is accessible from both sides. While the double sided cantilever rack is able to store more product, it also requires more floor space. What is Cantilever Racking [Cantilever Racking Guide For Feb 18, 2019 · The cantilever racking system is available in single and double-sided configurations. The single-sided rack is intended to fit perfectly against a wall. Whereas, the double-sided configuration is intended for use across the entire warehouse space.Bulk Rack Cantilever Rack Single & Double Sided Single and Double Sided Uprights For Cantilever Racks Are Heavy Duty Cantilever Storage Racks For Securely Holding Pipes, Lumbers and Bar Stock. Single and Double Sided Uprights For Cantilever Racks are designed for heavy duty material storage. Units are designed with thick, heavy gauge steel, enabling lasting durability. Cantilever rack uprights allow arm adjustments on 3" centers.