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The DD/YG series can be applied to JBG-40C/40K rebar threading machines. The DDC/YGC series can be applied to JBG-40A/40CI/40K rebar threading machines. China Rebar Coupler manufacturer, Bar Splicing, Rebar May 07, 2019 · CABR produces and sells the couplers and the equipments of making cold upset end and parallel thread, the equipment of rolling parallel thread as well as the forging sleeves machine. CABR also undertakes subcontracting of rebar splicing. Millions of couplers are sold annually, and the annual production capacity of equipment is about 200 sets.

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MaxStone is international manufacturer and system solutions provider of rebar connection machines,rebar processing machines and bridge-construction technologies and formwork. Our company would like to cooperate with the people of all circles to create a brilliant future of "rebar mechanical", and make new contributions to your projects. Rebar Coupler for Connection System - ADTO MallThe mechanical rebar couplers can be of two types:#1 Threaded Couplers #2 Non-threaded couplers . The threaded couplers are classified into two types:1) Tapered Threaded Couplers:This type of tapered couplers are fitted to one end of the threaded rebar and the adjoining rebar is connected and tightened by means of a calibrated torque wrench. Rebar Coupler, Thread Rolling Machine, Rebar - ECPlazaJingxian Hengxiang rebar connection equipment factory is specialized in manufacturing straight screw rebar couplers , cold extrusion rebar couplers, thread rolling machines, thread rolling dies, rebar cutting machine and cold extrusion machine.

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Rebar Threading Machines. CTM40 Rebar Thread Cutting Machine; DRT32S Rebar Direct Rolling Machine; RTM40-100 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine; RTM40-200 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine; RTM40-300 Rebar Rib-peeling Thread Rolling Machine; RTM40-400 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine; CRS40 Rebar Thread Cutting Machine; Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine Rebar Thread Rolling Machine,supplier,manufacturerRolling technology for connecting rebar, easy operation, quick connection. The machine can threading rebar from Diameter 16mm to Diameter 40mm. Rebar Threading Range:16mm-40mm Main Motor Power:4KW Electricity Power Source:380V, 50HZ Max Thread Length:100mm Dimension:1180*670*1150 Net Weight:590KG Rebar Upsetting Machine |Upset Forging Machine|Rebar Rebar upsetting connection technology is to process and upset the steel bar end (head) to be grained in advance so that the diameter of the processed steel bar is increased (3-5mm). Then use a rebar thread rolling machine to thread the upsetting part. The diameter of the sleeve wire can be adjusted using different molds.

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Type of rebar connection sleeve :. Parallel Thread reinforcing bar splicing with Rolled Thread End The technologies of parallel thread reinforcing bar splice include directly rolling and Rolling after stripping rib.. 1) Directly rolling:a. Cutting off the end of the rebar b. Rolling the end by using the special rolling machine c. Splicing the rebar by using the coupler Thread Rolling Machine For Sale Rebar Processing Jan 04, 2020 · Rebar thread rolling machine is a kind of reinforcement processing machine widely used in the construction industry in recent years. The machine is an important part of rebar processing. It quickly and directly rolls the end of the steel bar at one time to cold-harden the head of the wire, thereby improving the strength and making the steel bar the same as the base metal. Threaded Rebar Coupler Reinforcing Bar Couplers Thread Rebar Coupler [email protected] 2020-05-14T08:44:40+00:00 Itekcons engineered cold rolling process delivers threads that are stronger and smoother than cut threads. Cold Roll Technology strengthens the root and flank of the rebar threads and provides for a significant increased rebar/coupler connection.

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May 31, 2017 · AEONO RT40A REBAR THREAD ROLLING MACHINE is used to strip rebar rib first and roll parallel thread on rebar end. After that two threaded rebar sectors are connected by Rebar coupler. It can process HRB335, HRB400, HRB500 reinforced bar with diameter 1640mm. The max thread length is