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700 Watt Fibre Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine 8mm Cutting Thickness Product Description Laser Cutting Machine integrates optical, mechanical and electrical technology into one machine, which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC (computer numerical control) laser power system. Alloy 800H/800HT - Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy Plate

  • General PropertiesCreep and Rupture PropertiesOxidation ResistanceCorrosion ResistanceAlloys 800H (UNS N08810) and 800HT (UNS N08811) are dual-certifiable Nickel-Iron-Chromium materials that resist oxidation, carburization and other high temperature corrosion. The chemical composition of the two alloys are identical to Alloy 800 (UNS N08800), with the exception of the higher level of carbon present in both grades (0.050.10%) in alloy 800H, and (0.060.10%) in alloy 800HT. Alloy 800HT also has an addition of up 1.0 % aluminum and titanium. In addition to the chemistry restriDuplex Stainless Steel FabricationCutting Stainless Steel. 13 Abrasive wheel cutting Water-jet cutting Thermal Plasma cutting Laser cutting. 14 Cutting:Sawing Similar to austenitic stainless steel Powerful machine Proper blade alignment Coarse toothed blade Duplex stainless steels

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    Jun 02, 2020 · The maximum cutting thickness of different materials of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine is:the maximum thickness of carbon steel is 20 mm; the maximum thickness of stainless steel is 10 mm; the maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 8 mm; the maximum thickness of copper plate is 8 mm. Laser cutting stainless steel plate Laser Cutting Steel with Nitrogen - Laser CuttingAug 21, 2013 · Laser cutting steel with Nitrogen, as the assist gas, is becoming more commonplace for parts that require painting after cutting. GF Laser are able to cut steel using Nitrogen or Oxygen depending on customer requirements. Firstly, what is an assist gas? The assist gas helps the laser cutting process by forcing the molten metal out of the cut made by the laser beam. Also, when cutting mild steel using Oxygen as the assist gas it also helps the laser in cutting Laser Cutting Steels SpringerLinkThe cutting process is achieved by a combination of laser heating and the chemical reaction of iron with oxygen. This oxidation reaction is exothermic (heat generating) and acts as a secondary energy source which helps to accelerate the cutting process. Basically, the steel is locally heated by the focused laser beam to a temperature at which the iron will ignite in the oxygen jet acting coaxially with the beam.

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    Were able to cut all stainless steel grades from 0.25mm-25mm in thickness on sheets up to 4m x 2m. Carbon and Mild Steel We can cut carbon steels, in a range of grades, in sizes up to 4m x 2m and between 0.25mm-20mm in thickness. Practical Guidelines for the Fabrication of Austenitic 9.6 Laser cutting 45 10 Machining 46 10.1 General guidelines 46 10.2 Machinability index for different stainless steel grades 47 10.3 Turning 48 10.4 Face milling with cemented carbides 48 10.5 Twist drilling with high-speed steel drills 50 11 Heat treatment annealing and stress relieving 51 11.1 Solution annealing 51 11.1.1 Preparation 51 Stainless Steel - Charles Day SteelsStainless Steel Our 6 powerful CNC laser cutting machines are running 24 hours a day, capable to profile a wide range of stainless steel grades and alloys in thicknesses up to 30mm. We have a selection of Stainless Steel in stock and if not, we can easily source it for you. One of the most []

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    We offer the following Sheet Metal fabrication solutions, folding up to 4m x 130 tons Laser Cutting, mig. Tig and MMA welding spot welding, nut insertion, rolling and grinding and linishing wet painting. Laser Cutting. The company has invested in a Trumpf TL 3030 Laser which enables us to cut the following, mild steel up to 20mm, stainless steel up to 12mm, Aluminium up to 8mm, Maximum sheet size