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The optimal magnetic properties of Br=5.2 kG, iHc=4.5 kOe, and (BH)max=5.3 MGOe were obtained in Co80Zr17Si1B2 ribbons, which possessed Co5Zr and minor fcc-Co phases with much finer grain size (10 (PDF) Magnetic hardening of meltspun nanocomposite Magnetic hardening of melt-spun nanocomposite Nd 2 Fe 14 B/Fe magnets I. Panagiotopoulos, L. Withanawasam, A. S. Murthy, and G. C. Hadjipanayis Department of Physics and Astronomy ,

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The temperature dependence of magnetic properties of two types of melt-spun Sm 2 (Co,Fe,Cu,Zr) 17 ribbon, initially subjected to different magnetic hardening regimes, has been investigated for temperatures from 4 to 300 K. An analysis of magnetic viscosity showed significant differences in the activation volumes v a > and magnetic viscosity coefficients S<SUB>v</SUB> which could be Effect of annealing on the structure and electrophysical The behavior of the electrophysical properties in annealing of alloy Bi<SUB>0.85</SUB>Sb<SUB>0.15</SUB>-0.8 at.% Ga obtained by rapid hardening from melt is studied. Temperature dependences of the kinetic coefficients determining the electrophysical properties of the alloy after annealing at different temperatures are plotted. The structural changes in rapidly IEEE Transactions on Magnetics - INFONAVanadium substituted Sm/sub 10/(Fe,V)/sub 90/ alloys were prepared by a single roller rapid-quenching method. The melt-spun Sm/sub 10/Fe/sub 82.5/V/sub 7.5/ alloy showed the TbCu/sub 7/-type structure for a wide range of wheel speeds between 15 and 50 m/s, while the Sm/sub 10/Fe/sub 90/ binary alloy showed the same structure at wheel speeds

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Nov 01, 1990 · Volume 166, Issue 2 Pages L11-L13, 197-407. (1 November 1990) Magnetic hardeninf of SmFe/sub 10/V/sub 2/ by melt Magnetic hardeninf of SmFe/sub 10/V/sub 2/ by melt-spinning Published in:1989 IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG) Magnetic hardeninf of SmFe/sub 10/V/sub 2/ by melt-spinning Published in:1989 IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG) Article #: Magnetic hardening of SmFe/sub 10/V/sub 2/ by melt Nov 15, 1991 · Rietveld analysis of x-ray powder diffraction patterns for the new SmFe sub 10 Mo sub 2 N sub x nitride compound

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Aug 24, 2015 · Sm 5 Fe 17 melt-spun ribbons exhibited low coercivity and partly or mostly consisted of the amorphous phase. Annealing of Sm 5 Fe 17 melt-spun ribbon resulted in the formation of the Sm 5 Fe 17 phase. The annealed Sm 5 Fe 17 melt-spun ribbon exhibited a high coercivity. It was found that the addition of B to the Sm 5 Fe 17 alloy resulted in the promotion of the Sm 2 Fe 14 B phase. Magnetostrictive SmFe{sub 2}/metal composites (Journal May 01, 1997 · OSTI.GOV Journal Article:Magnetostrictive SmFe{sub 2}/metal composites. Magnetostrictive SmFe{sub 2}/metal composites. Full Record; Other Related Research MeltSolution Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of SmFe 2 Single crystals of SmFe 2.8 Sc 0.2 (BO 3 ) 4 ferroborates are grown in meltsolutions based on bismuth trimolybdate. The magnetic properties of grown single crystals are studied. The presence of long-range magnetic order in these crystals is found.

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The RQAs were prepared by melt spinning on a steel wheel rotating at a velocity V = 10-40 m/s. Fragments of the RQAs were annealed in a vacuum at T ann = 500-850°C. The as-cast alloys are multiphase; the maximum volume fraction in them corresponds to the Sm 2 (Fe, Ga) 17 C compound with a rhombohedral structure. ThMn 12 -Type Alloys for Permanent MagnetsThe only known R(Fe,M) 12 alloy susceptible to bulk hardening is Sm(Fe,V) 12; it solidifies into a mixture of the -(Fe, V) and SmFe 2 phases and, after controlled crystallization of the SmFe 10 V 2 phase, develops an H c up to 3.7 kOe [39]. We were able to achieve bulk hardening in alloys prepared from Fe, Ti, and an inexpensive mixture of 65% Ce and 35% La metals (the mixture is close to the naturally Magnetic hardening of SmFe/sub 10/V/sub 2/ by melt Sep 01, 1989 · adshelp[at] The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative Agreement NNX16AC86A