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Cooling Water Treatment for Industrial Cooling Water

Fresh water is being added to cooling water towers to replace water lost through leaks or evaporation. But this makeup water contains minerals, dirt, debris and DuPont CB Series of Screen Printed Ink MaterialsThese products provide increased yields and reduce processing steps. They include:CB100 - Conductive Via Fill. This high performance viaplug product line was developed to planarize high density PCBs, enhancing both thermal and electrical conductivity for applications ranging from ball grid arrays, buried vias or PCBs with microvia layers.

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The MODIS Fire and Thermal Anomalies product is available from the Terra (MOD14) and Aqua (MYD14) satellites as well as a combined Terra and Aqua (MCD14) satellite product. The sensor resolution is 1 km, and the temporal resolution is daily. The thermal anomalies are represented as red points (approximate center of a 1 km pixel). more details MicroDyn - The smallest Dynamometer in the worldCompact Multi-Component Dynamometer up to 500 N With an exceptionally low threshold, and high sensitivity, the new MicroDyn enables the measurement of incredibly small loads, and so it provides the ideal solution for micro machining processes. Highly dynamic forces can be captured with great accuracy thanks to all three axes (x,y,z) all having a resonance of over 15 kHz. In addition to this PSI5-1500RT120LI Vertiv Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPSThe Vertiv Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS is designed to safeguard critical equipment in edge and distributed IT applications. The 1500VA UPS offers more than double the battery life of a traditional VLRA UPS, and comes with a five-year advanced replacement warranty. This Lithium-Ion battery backup includes AVR technology to extend battery life and provides protection from power disturbances.

Phase Change Materials (PCM Material) for Cooling

Phase Change material products replace grease as the interface between power devices and heat sinks. Loctite dispensable and printable phase change thermal compounds create a significantly thinner bondline and lower thermal resistance as compared to other formats. Riston® FX Dry Film Photoresist DuPontClean processing with patented sludge-free formulation technology ; Riston® FX250 Series Dry Film Photoresist. Riston® FX250 dry film photoresist is ideal for the most challenging new portable designs because it's tough enough to stand up to harsh selective metalization processes, such as electroless nickel immersion gold. SEL-710-5 Motor Protection Relay Schweitzer Engineering Front-Panel FlexibilityImprove functional control and situational awareness with the programmable auxiliary buttons, LEDs, and configurable labels. Metering and MonitoringAnalyze SER reports and oscillographic event reports for rapid commissioning, testing, and post-fault diagnostics.Use the SEL-710-5 Relays motor start report, motor start trending, load profile monitoring, motor

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Accurate, low-noise processing of the sensor signals that are emitted is essential to obtain measurement results that can be utilized. Kistler offers an attractive portfolio of solutions for signal processing and subsequent data digitization. Piezoelectric sensors (PE sensors) with a charge output operate reliably with charge amplifiers. Solutions Products ExterranPRODUCTS. With Exterran ®, you have 64 years of proven product and equipment expertise to support your lifecycle needs.Whether your applications are compression, production, process and treatment, FPSO or power generation, we can provide either pre-engineered or customized solutions, large or small, packaged and fully integrated as required. Thermal Management Siemens Digital Industries SoftwareYou can also benefit from the advanced post-processing features to graphically visualize energy flows in your system. Thermal Management System Simulation. Design efficient and reliable systems by optimizing thermal management. Keeping the temperature of components within the optimal operating range, evacuating excess heat or reusing it to

Vehicle Sensor Panasonic North America - United States

Panasonic Automotive has the drivers back, with rear-view vision and sensing technologies. The smart rear view mirror and camera system is a complete in-house solution providing display, image processing, and camera capabilities. Additionally, recent innovations significantly mitigate LED headlamp flicker and interference from rain and fog. Vehicle heat protection analysis using CFD Siemens Frederick Ross. Director, Simcenter solutions for Automotive and Transportation, Siemens Digital Industries Software. Frederick started with CD-adapco in 1989, which was acquired in 2016 by Siemens and has extensive experience working with customers on applications such as vehicle heat protection, aerodynamics, and passenger thermal comfort.Laser Hazards - Standards Occupational Safety and Health ISO 11553-2:Safety of machinery - Laser processing machines - Part 2:Safety requirements for hand-held laser processing devices. Purpose of this standard is to draw attention to the particular hazards related to the use of hand-held laser and hand-operated laser processing devices and