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Nov 18, 2020 · We recommend the Epilog Fusion Pro, which combines the technology of a fiber laser and a CO2 laser into one powerful, high-end engraving machine capable of cutting dozens of metals along with a variety of non-metal materials. The Technical Specs. As the name suggests, the Epilog Fusion Pro fuses together both CO2 and fiber laser technologies Brass:Laser Cut, Etched or EngravedHigh-power laser beams absorb into the metal, making it possible to cut brass. Laser systems are capable of cutting sheets of brass to a high yield, resulting in reduced material waste and optimal sheet usage. Laser-processing brass allows for clean cutting with air assist, which greatly reduces or eliminates dross.

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You would need what we call a Metal/non-metal cutter that utilises oxygen as an assisting element to cut through thin metals. A CO2 Laser uses a gas filled glass tube and a number of glass mirrors, to fire a focused laser beam through the tube and down through the laser cutting head. CO2 Laser engrave machine manufacturer and supplierCO2 laser engrave and cut machine mainly used for nonmetal material engraving and cutting, best choice for advertising, craft, paper, foam leather cutting. English Spain. 300W Metal and Non-metal CO2 Laser Cutting Machine STL1309AM. Discount Selling CO2 laser machine STL1309B. Cutting Teske MetalCraftPrecision and expertise drive Teske MetalCrafts ability to utilize CO2 laser cutting technology resulting in top-quality craftsmanship with superior surface finishes. Trumpf Trumatic L3030 CO2. 60 x 120 table size; Steel thickness up to .75 thick; Aluminum up to .25 thick; Stainless steel

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Yes - you can make circuit boards on your 40-watt CO2 laser cutter without etching! Quick summary (step-by-step / more details in video):1. Attach .001" steel shim to cast acrylic sheet with mounting tape (leave paper backing on acrylic) 2. Cut out though-holes and board itself at 6.5 mm/s (2 passes) 3. Cut traces at 15 mm/s (2 passes) 4. Peel off non-trace segments from board surface Laser Cutting/Marking/Engraving Machine Manufacturer Laser Cutting Machine Laser cutter is a CNC laser machine, It is also called laser cutting machine. Laser cutter includes CO2 and fiber laser cutting system, CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting machine non-metal, such as:wood, cloth, leather, acrylic, glass, crytal.D1310 CO2 LASER CUTTING MACHINE / GBOS LASERLaser Power Laser Type The maximum cutting thickness and speed (Thickness mm/Speed min/Auxiliary GAS) Die board:Acrylic:Stainless steel:Carbon steel:D1310-150:150:Glass CO2 Laser tube:12/700:20/120:N:1/600(O2) D1310-180:180:Glass CO2 Laser tube:15/800:30/100:N:1/800(O2) D1310-220:220:Glass CO2 Laser tube:18/700:30/120:1/1000(O2) 2/1000(O2) D1310-260:260