experimental investigation on gcr15 steel for marine

Control of Carbide Precipitation During Electroslag

Sep 21, 2017 · The effect of the electroslag remelting-continuous rapid solidification (ESR-CRS) process on element segregation and carbide precipitation in GCr15 bearing steel was investigated. The results showed that a microstructure with fewer primary carbides and less segregation can be achieved via the ESR-CRS process. Decomposition characteristic of austenite retained in Jan 01, 2019 · The decomposition characteristic of austenite retained in a GCr15 bearing steel modified by the addition of 1.3 wt.% silicon during tempering was investigated by microstructural observation, X-ray determination, and dilatometric experiment.The addition of 1.3 wt.% silicon in the modified GCr15 bearing steel significantly increases the amount of remaining austenite.

Design and Build of a Remote Control Concrete Boat

The oldest known concrete boat using steel wire mesh covered with sand and cement plaster was a dingy built by Joseph Louis Lambot Southern France in 1848. The boat was patented and featured in the 1855 World's Fair in France. In this study, the concrete boat using fiber wire mesh covered with cement, rice husk, silica fume, steel fiber, glass fiber wire, sand, water and superplasticizer was Effects of groove-textured surface combined with SnAgCu Aug 01, 2020 · Taking GCr15 steel as the research object, the groove-textured surfaces (GTSs) and the composite antifriction surfaces (CASs) with the grooves and SnAgCu were prepared. Experimental researches on the tribological performance, friction-induced vibration and noise of SS (smooth surface), GTSs and CASs were conducted. Experimental Investigation of a Miniature Ejector Using This paper presents an experimental investigation of a miniature ejector using water as the working fluid. The investigated ejector cooling system can utilize the thermal energy to be removed to power the cooling system and maintain the temperature of an electronic component below ambient temperature.

Friction and Wear Behaviors of Several Polymers Sliding

Jan 07, 2011 · In this study, the friction and wear behavior of PI, PEEK, PHBA, and FEP sliding against GCr15 steel and 316 steel under sea water lubrication was investigated and compared to that under the lubrication of pure water, and the corresponding wear mechanisms were also discussed, which, hopefully, was to provide some guidance to develop polymer materials suitable for sea water lubrication. Kinetic Analysis of the Austenite Grain Growth in GCr15 SteelMar 28, 2009 · The growth behavior of austenite grains in GCr15 steel was investigated by the isothermal annealing tests on a Gleeble-3800 thermo-mechanical simulation machine. According to the experimental results, the effect of heating temperature and holding time on the growth behavior was discussed in details, and the following conclusions can be drawn:(1) Materials Free Full-Text Three-Dimensional Cellular The austenitizing process of GCr15 steel was simulated, and the anisotropy of grain growth rate during austenitization was demonstrated by simulation results. By comparing the simulation results with the experimental data, it was found that the calculated results of the three-dimensional cellular automaton model established in this paper were in good agreement with the experimental results.

Numerical Simulation of Microstructure Evolution during

In this paper, the microstructure evolution during continuous hot rolling process of GCr15 steel rod was investigated. A series of multi-field coupled finite element models were established based on commercial finite element software MSC.Marc. Potassium persulfate as an effective oxidizer for chemical Request PDF Potassium persulfate as an effective oxidizer for chemical mechanical polishing of GCr15 bearing steel Potassium persulfate was used as an effective oxidizer for chemical RQ6L 1 *&U RIWKLQILOPOXEULFDWLRQThe molecular dynamics analysis and experimental investigation of thin film lubrication of silicon nitride (Si 3 N 4 ) and bearing steel(GCr15) under the n-hexadecane-based lubricant were studied.

Research on the dynamic recrystallization behavior of

The dynamical recrystallization (DRX) of GCr15 steel was investigated at deformation temperatures of 9501150°C and strain rates of 0.110s1 on a Gleeble-3800 thermo-mechanical simulator.Experimental investigation on solidification of GCr15 Jul 19, 2018 · An experimental apparatus for simulation of continuous casting process of GCr15 bearing steel billet is established. With the apparatus, the billets of diameter 140 mm are casted in various superheats and cooling conditions. The solidification macrostructure, dendrite morphology, segregation and carbide are investigated.