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The LunAqua Classic LED Set 3 is ideal for illumination of fountains, ponds, and pond landscapes, as well as garden and terrace. The LunAqua Classic LED Set 3 includes 3 LED lights with a 7 ft. power cord, 12V transformer, and 3-way splitter. With a fast and easy installation, this unit provides warm white light accents in and out of the water. :biOrb CLASSIC 60 Aquarium with LED - 16 The biOrb CLASSIC 60 is equipped with a Standard LED light which uses long life LEDs. For your peace of mind, the light and air pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass.

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Acquaristica di OASE. Prodotti. Aquariums complete sets / decoration / accessories HighLine Premium LED HighLine Classic LED Lighting kit HighLine Classic LED Aquarium control EAC Aquarium Controller Accessories LED aquarium illumination Illumination kit Classic LED HighLine 400 Welcome to The Illumination kit Classic LED HighLine 400 from Oase has two Daylight 120 classic LEDs in the set with an ideally tuned daylight spectrum for animals and plants. Lunaqua Classic LED Pond Lights by Oase, Set of 3 Oase's Classic Lunaqua pond lights. Set of 3 LED underwater adds a new dimension of beauty to your water feature. Oase Lunaqua Classic LED 3-piece Set. MSRP:$124.99 $109.99 Complete LED pond lighting kit includes 3 LED lights, 12V transformer and 3-way splitter

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Oase illuminationkit - Highline 400 - 2 x Daylight 120 Classic LED £100.00 The Illumination kit Classic LED HighLine 300 from Oase has two Daylight 100 classic LEDs in the set with an ideally tuned daylight spectrum for animals and plants Oase HighLine Classic LED Daylight - Olibetta Online ShopOase HighLine Classic LED Daylight Coordinated Daylight Spectrum. New! Colour rendering - close to nature Optimal illumination:Full spectrum of sunlight for good plant growth Durable & safe:LEDs safe and 100% waterproof (IP68) built into glass tubes Oase Illuminationkit HighLine 400 Classic LED at Green Oase Illuminationkit HighLine 400 Classic LED (1 Review) Double the benefits:the OASE HighLine Classic lighting kit offers you double the lighting performance to plunge high-quality aquariums in the right light. The kit supports good plant growth and a healthy biological balance along with showcasing the aquarium's inhabitants and plants.

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The HighLine Classic Daylight range of LED's produce the full sunlight spectrum for good plant growth and optimal illumination. LED Light Features:Energy efficient; 100% watertight; Durable and safe; Product Specification - HighLine Classic LED daylight 70:Diameter 24mm; Height:24mm; Rated voltage:230 V AC; Power consumption light fixture:16 W Verlichtingsset HighLine Classic LED - OASEVerlichtingsset HighLine Classic LED Ontdek nu! Top-producteigenschappen. Twee Classic LEDs per set met ideaal afgestemd daglichtspectrum voor dieren en plantenIlluminationkit HighLine 175 Classic LED (70250) - oaseOase Professional; Close. Deutschland deutsch; Great Britain english; España español; France français; Italia italiano; International english; Aquarium technology and accessories Illumination Lighting kit HighLine Classic LED. Illuminationkit HighLine 175 Classic LED [GB]