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A. Floor plate shall be Fiberplate B. Fiberglass reinforcement shall be bi-directional rovings in sufficient quantities as needed by the application and/or physical properties required. January 24, 2014 06610-4 C. Resin shall be {Vinyl Ester, Fiberglass Plate Fibergrate Composite Structures - SweetsIn addition, the strength of Fiberplate is evident by its ability to support heavy loads. To meet a wide range of needs, Fiberplate is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 3/4" and is easy to install resulting in minimum material waste. Fiberplate is available in multiple colors and all molded grating resin systems. See More. See Less

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The standard thickness of the plate is 1/8 with 1/4 plate available for heavy duty applications. Standard color:dark gray with yellow nosing or yellow with dark gray nosing. Optional nosing:phosphorescent coated. Lengths:Standard 12-0 or cut-to-size. Floor Plate - Fibergrate(4) Clear Span is 2" less than width of grating. Plate Weight 1/8 - 1.3 psf, 1/4 - 2.6 psf, 3/8 - 3.9 psf, 1/2 - 5.2 psf, 3/4 - 7.8 psf 3/8" PLATE 1/4" NOMINAL 1/4" NUT AND WASHER 1/4" TRUSS HEAD FASTENER Fiberplate® is manufactured by building up multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement and specially-formulated resins. Grating Pacific Announces Launch of GratingPacific Jan 07, 2009 · Grating Pacific's website includes detailed information about the company's Fiberglass Grating product lines, Grating Pacific Fiberglass Grating Entry Page, including Fibergrate and Chemgrate molded fiberglass gratings, Safe-T-Span pultruded fiberglass grating for high capacity loads and Aqua Grate® pedestrian fiberglass grating for water environments. Grating Pacific's website also provides specifications, chemical resistance charts and engineering notes for EZ Angle fiberglass

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For applications requiring a solid walkway, Fibergrate carries Fiberplate® structural floor panels and Fibergrate®covered grating. Stair solutions include Fibertred® stair treads panels for industrial and commercial use, covered stair treads for architectural applications and stair tread covers for Item # FP, Floor Plate On Sterling Process EngineeringChemplate and Fiberplate are manufactured by building up multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement and specially-formulated resins. The result of this process is a solid composite panel offering both bidirectional strength and corrosion resistance. Fiberplate ® Molded Fiberglass Patterns & Screens - Grating PacificAll molded gratings are available with a solid 1/8 or 1/4 thick fiberglass plate applied to the top surface of the grating. Often used in loading or storage areas, the solid surface prevents the passage of contaminants or debris to areas below. Covered gratings are

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Chemplate ® floor plate with corrosion-resistant Chemgrate ® grating. The top plate is integrally-molded to the supporting bars for a strong, long lasting surface which provides approximately 50% higher stiffness values than open grating. Chemdeck comes in standard panel sizes with either a 1/8" or 1/4" deep plate applied to standard depths Safety Grating Floor Resurfacing Products - Grating Product Overview Traction Tread Flooring and Grip Strut Reconditioning Material are popular floor resurfacing products. Both products provide the popular benefits of safety grating; slip resistance, lightweight material, and easy to fabricate. Floor resurfacing products can be installed over new or existing floors or stairs. Stock sheets or sheared to size products are available to [] Site Map On Carrier & Sandstedt, Inc.1-1/2" High Load Capacity Molded Fiberglass Grating; Fiberglass Molded Floor Plates. Fiberglass Molded Fiberplate; Fiberglass Molded Chemplate; Fiberglass Molded Stairtreads. Fibertred Panel; Fibergrate Covered Stair Tread; Chemtred Panel; Stair Tread Cover; Fiberglass

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Fiberplate can also be bolted directly to structural beams and used as wall panels that are resistant to corrosive splash when ordered with an ungritted surface. Along with long life and durability, Chemplate and Fiberplate incorporate a number of safety features. A molded-in, grit-top surface is standard for improved footing. Since these plates are electrically non-conductive,