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The key of this transmission method is drill pipe jointthe , which can be designed in different methods including induction, wet joint, Holzer effect sensor and wire butt joint. A telemetry drill pipe system of sensing joint developed by Grant Predi-co, a company in the United States, has an induction coil at both ends of the drill string. A brief introduction of Drill Pipe - SHINESTAR STEEL GROUP Feb 19, 2021 · A brief introduction of Drill Pipe Drill pipe is used to transmit power by rotary motion from ground level to a drilling bit at the bottom of the hole and A brief introduction of Steel Drill Pipe - Abter SteelApr 09, 2020 · A brief introduction of Steel Drill Pipe. Drill pipe is used to transmit power by rotary motion from ground level to a drilling bit at the bottom of the hole and to convey flushing media to the cutting face of the tool. Thus it plays a vital part in the successful drilling of oil and gas wells.

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Brief introduction of R&D center. CAD etc. software are applied to design and test; more than 70 of R&D personnel in the center. Shuguang double shoulder drill pipe, high strength with ultra length drill pipe, high strength welded HWDP and sour service drill pipe etc, dozens of oil drilling platform assemblies, products are developed Causes And Prevention Of Drill-Pipe And Tool-Joint INTRODUCTION. This paper outlines practically all the principal types of drill-pipe and tool-joint failures. When the cure is known, practical ways of eliminating the trouble are explained in detail. When no complete cure has been found, acceptable ways of reducing the trouble are explained, if known. Forged Steel Socket Weld Fitting - News - World Iron&SteelForged Steel Socket Weld Fitting. World Iron & Steel Co. Updated:Sep 24, 2019. Pipe fitting is a general term for the parts and components connected, controlled, deflected, shunt, sealed and supported in the Pipe system. According to end connections, steel pipe fittings can be divided into four categories:butt welded, socket welded, threaded and flanged.

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Brief introduction of drilling tools. The composition of drilling tools:The drilling tool mainly includes the basic drill string part such as kelly, drill pipe, drill collar, stabilizer, matching joint, etc. 1. Straight well:square drill pipe + protection joint + drill pipe + J55 Oil Casing Pipe Weldability Analysis - World Iron&SteelJul 12, 2019 · The harsh environment of oil casing requires not only high quality of the pipe itself, but also of the welding. API 5CT J55 is a commonly used oil casing pipe material. This artcle aims to analyze its weldability by analyzing alloy elements and carbon equivalent of J55 piping. Krótkie wprowadzenie do - pl.worldironsteelTranslate this pageJul 04, 2019 · Shaanxi World Iron & Steel Co., Ltd Adres:NO.88 Xi'an International Trade & Logistics Park, Baqiao District, Chiny Telefon:+86-029-83526770 Faks:86-029-83526770 Adres e-mail:[email protected]

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Hammer union is a joint used in the oil drilling industry to connect pipes quickly and easily. Also known as high-pressure hammer union orhammer union joints, hammer union models are divided according to the type and pressure of the connect stainless steel pipe,abter steel,seamless steel pipeApr 07, 2020 · Stainless steel is a versatile material comprised of a steel alloy and a small percentage of chromium the addition of chromium adds to the materials corrosion resistance, a trait that earned stainless steel its name. Because stainless steel is also low-maintenance, oxidation resistant, and doesnt affect other metals it comes in contact with, it is frequently used in a large array of Pengantar singkat sambungan pipa bor WorldironsteelTranslate this pageJul 04, 2019 · Saat ini, pipa bor fine-buckle secara berangsur-angsur digantikan oleh butt welding drill pipe dan standar sambungan API lama tidak dapat lagi memenuhi permintaan. Institut minyak Amerika mengusulkan koneksi seri tipe NC (Coarse Thread) baru (konektor tipe digital), mewakili dengan huruf "NC" dan dua Angka, seperti NC50 NC26, NC31, dll.