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The fatigue tests were carried out at constant stress amplitude at RT and 77 K. The influence of stress ratio, R, in the fatigue behavior of Bi-2223 tapes was investigated. The R was defined as the ratio of the minimum to the maximum stress in each cycle. The stress (PDF) High temperature fatigue testing of gas turbine bladesTemperature of burned gases is a key parameter in output works of gas turbines. Nevertheless, high temperatures cause metallurgical problems in the turbine parts, specially the blades.

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Nov 03, 2015 · Fatigue properties of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy butt joints processed by vacuum brazing and tungsten inert and nitrogen cooling gas were used in the VB process. The direction of welding was normal to the rolling In order to discuss the influence of thickness correc-tion and mean stress, this study conducted variable COMPETING INFLUENCE OF POROSITY AND fatigue crack initiation and premature failure [2-7]. As the applications of stainless steel 316L often desire good fatigue resistance, such as in the case of orthopaedic implants, the influence of L-PBF process parameters and the resulting porosity level on this particular aspect of Fatigue behavior of high strength titanium alloys at @article{osti_5441888, title = {Fatigue behavior of high strength titanium alloys at elevated temperatures. [Ti-8. 6Al, Ti-6Al-4V, IMI 685, and Ti-6242]}, author = {Daeubler, M A and Luetjering, G}, abstractNote = {The influence of microstructure on mechanical properties at elevated temperatures in vacuum (10{sup {minus}4} Pa) has been investigated.

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Process modifications of the gas quench sequence for low pressure carburized gears can increase the performance of up to 22 %, compared to direct gas quenching. Several test series were made with different interruptions of the gas quenching sequence, near the martensite start temperature M s.The quench interruption resulted in an increase in magnitude of compressive residual stress which was Influence of Nitrocarburization on Thermo-Mechanical influence of nitrocarburizing (NC) on TMF properties of three ductile irons (DCI) labelled HiSi, SiMo51 and SiMo1000 intended to be used for components in the exhaust system. Nitrocarburizing is a thermo-chemical process where nitrogen and carbon diffuses from the Influence of Rapid Solidification on the Thermophysical Feb 28, 2017 · Influence of Rapid Solidification on the Thermophysical and Fatigue Properties of Laser Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Alloy. By Olawale Samuel Fatoba, Esther Titilayo Akinlabi and Mamookho Elizabeth Makhatha. Submitted:February 28th 2017 Reviewed:October 16th 2017 Published:December 21st 2017. DOI:10.5772/intechopen.71697

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Apr 13, 2020 · Porosity is a major factor in fatigue mechanisms as it is a source of crack initiation within the material. Another significant factor in fatigue life is the specific microstructure formed by SLM processes. Due to the extremely fast cooling rates involved, very fine Materials Free Full-Text Usability of Ultrasonic Ultrasonic fatigue testing is an increasingly used method to study the high cycle fatigue (HCF) and very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) properties of materials. Specimens are cycled at an ultrasonic frequency, which leads to a drastic reduction of testing times. This work focused on summarising the current understanding, based on literature data and original work, whether and how fatigue properties The Influence of Dwell Time on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior Low cycle fatigue and creep-fatigue experiments of IC10 Ni-base superalloy plate specimens with multiple holes were performed below 1,000 °C. The average fatigue life is 10 5.4 cycles, while the creep-fatigue life is 10 3.4 cycles, which shows that the life of creep-fatigue is reduced 12 times compared with low cycle fatigue life. After tests, the detailed fracture and microscopic

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Nov 08, 2019 · The fatigue crack propagation direction can also deflect an angle accompanied with colonies boundaries. Inter-granular fracture was predominant. For long cracks, the inhibition effect of microstructures can be ignored. Fatigue cracks can penetrate colonies directly. Intra-granular fracture can be observed.Microstructural Effects on the Fatigue Properties of a The fatigue strength is strongly influenced by the cooling rate. As mentioned earlier, defects as porosities and ß -phase are affected by the cooling rate. Their combined influence on the fatigue properties is shown in fig 10. In order to isolate their indivi-dual effects, specimens according to fig 2 b were produced with varying iron and pore-contents. The