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Apr 26, 2018 · Grades of hot-work tool steels include H12, H13, and H19. They are commonly used for casting dies, extrusion dies, and hot shear knives. Will the tool steel be used at high speeds? Some tools are moved so fast that the energy generated can result in elevated temperatures which can impact the tool steel in two ways. ASSAB Tool Steel Performance Comparison ChartPowder high speed steel for cutting tools with excellent wear resistance, toughness and good hot hardness. Suitable for chip forming multi-edge cutting tools, single-edge cutting tools, cold work applications with high demands on wear resistance and IC moulds. ASSAB PM 60 SUPERCLEAN VANADIS 60 SUPERCLEAN (1.3292) HB 340 (max)

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  • High Speed Steel CompositionHigh Speed Steel Properties and ApplicationHigh Speed Steel on SaleUSBCO Steel Private Limited - Manufacturer of High Speed High Speed Steels. Get Latest Price. High-speed steels contain molybdenum and tungsten. They are hardened to 62-67 HRC and maintain this hardness in service temperatures as high as 540° C. Their properties are high wear resistance, high hardness at elevated and low temperatures, and excellent toughness. Typical applications:cutting-off tools (knives, drills, milling cutters, etc.), rolls for cold rolling, cold-work tools. HEAT TREATMENT OF TOOL STEEL - Uddeholm Global high speed steel with high carbon content complex hot work tools, especially in the case of die casting dies big moulds for plastic applications when high dimension stability is a demand (such as in the case of gauges or tools for integrated circuits) 20m High-speed steels Friedr. Lohmann GmbHHigh-speed steel. The cutting materials and tools made of high-speed steel play a dominant role in the metalworking industry in particular. High-speed steel is characterized by high wear resistance, a high processing hardness, adequate toughness, high resistance to tempering, and high red hardness, and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 600 °C. They are used primarily in tools used

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    1.2367/ X38CrMoV5-3. Hot work steel. H13/ 1.2344/ SKD61. H11/ 1.2343/ SKD6. H10 Modify/ 1.2365/ SKD7. H21/ 1.2581/ SKD5. 1.2713/ SKT4. 1.2714. Plastic mould steel. Manufacturer of High Speed Steels & Cold Working Tool USBCO Steels Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly United Steel and Bearing Company), established in 1960, holds a leading position in the market of high quality tool, alloy, die and high speed steels in India. We were the first in steel trading community in the country to introduce plastic mould steel commercially in 1960's and also chipper steel in 1970's. Material SKDSKSO2D2M2H13 Tool Steel Beyond Translate this pageHot Work Tool Steel (pengerjaan panas) Paduan pembentuk carbida yang stabil dan keras (tahan terhadap softening pada temp tinggi). Banyak digunakan untuk Hot Forging Tool and Dies, serta Insert Forging machine. High Speed Steel HSS (pengerjaan dengan kecepatan tinggi) Baja HSS dapat menjaga kekerasan yang tinggi saat digunakan. sering digunakan untuk High Speed Cutting seperti

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    High speed steels; Hot work tool steels; Creep resistant steels; Hire work; Hire rolling Tungsten-molybdenum-vanadium alloyed high speed steel with high wear resistance. Technical Specifications. Compressive strength Grindability Through hardenable Toughness Wear resistance; Material Numbers. DIN EN; 1.3344:HS6-5-3:Chemical Composition. C Tool Steel Products list Tool Steel Products DAIDO STEELTool steel is one of Daido's major products and we have a wide variety of products for cold, hot, high speed and plastic mold applications. Some of our brand steels Twist Drills and Taps - voestalpine BÖHLER AndinaHigh speed steels; Hot work tool steels; Creep resistant steels; Material Center; Aerospace; Special Cutting Tools; Blades for Sawing Machines; Gear Cutting, Shaving and Shaping Tools; Broaches and Reamers; 1.3344 HS6-5-3 - - Standards

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    P/M high speed steel High-performance cold work tool steel 40HRC pre-hardened steel Cold work tool steels High speed tool steels P/M High speed tool steels Matrix high speed steel Others 58-62 55-60 58-62 58-62 58-62 58-63 55-60 58-62 55-60 58-64 80HS SLD, SLD-MAGIC, ARK1 HMD5 SLD, SLD-MAGIC, ARK1 SLD SLD, SLD-MAGIC SLD, SLD-MAGIC SLD, SLD-MAGIC, ARK1 SLD, SLD